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Sash Rant: F*** AMD and f*** their obscene pricing. (Update: I forgive you AMD).

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

UPDATE 29/11/2020. See this article (via Videocardz from HUB)

Turns out AMD is going to work with partners to reach the stated MSRP of 650 USD "in 4 to 8 weeks". I will wait to see that, but I hope that it happens. Original Rant Below: (Careful, it's angry).


Short rant don't expect much. I first attacked AMD for the Zen3 price increase, which I still do not approve of, and now I will attack them again for the disgusting, anti-consumer bullshit they are pulling with the RX 6800 series AIB cards.

Hardware Unboxed has a good piece on what AMD is doing in this video (timestamped where he talks about pricing):

Suffice it to say, AMD can go fuck themselves if they are going to start this milking BS. And honestly, if they get too far ahead, AMD will be exactly like Intel for the last decade, and we will see prices of all hardware go UP UP UP, until people like me can't afford to even buy a high end part anymore.

I'm just absolutely happy with my £119 Ryzen 5 2600X.

You can take your milking premiums and shove them up your arse hole.

I genuinely though better of AMD, but that was naïve and stupid.

And Fuck Intel, and Fuck Nvidia, too.

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