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[Sash Rant]: Intel Triggers Sash.

Warning: Huge Rant Content.


Intel's marketing department is a disgusting piece of actual shit. But this goes beyond that, this goes into levels of Shit that I have no Words for. So, Instead of type a huge rebuttal to all this, including some Cancer comments in the VideoCardz section who were happy with cherry pick a single, individual scene in a game I actually play (Metro Exodus), I will just literally type that Intel is a cancer on human technology progression and it is in the best interest of human advancement if the corporation is dismantled, and its IP distributed to smaller companies, who perhaps would compete on an even playing field with AMD. The hypocrisy from this disgusting, greedy piece of garbage company has got to the point when I am throwing up in my mouth at the very concept of having to share the next 10 years of existence in processor industry with them.

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