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Sash thoughts: Mother Earth and Spirituality.

I've never been a religious person, but I find myself seeking spiritual fulfillment as technology, consumerism and material possessions continue to fail to provide me with true happiness.

My country, England, was largely responsible for the rapid industrialisation of the modern world. I feel some guilt, but I understand that modern industrialisation has been important in the furthering of scientific understanding and technology; that has indeed improved so many peoples' lives across this world.

But our Earth - Mother Earth - has paid a heavy price. But Earth is always there, nature will always prevail, and nature is always ready to show its power over us. Ultimately, we will submit to nature in the end; our civilisation is fragile, the recent Pandemic - caused by a 'biological particle'; a virus, has proved just how much power Mother Earth has over us.

I've always been an environmentalist. I've always cared for the environment that we live in. For our forests, creatures, everything. It's only just recently that I've decided to take a more "direct" approach to my beliefs. Something to give me purpose.

We dis-respect nature on a global scale. We destroy forests. We take, take, take. We do not give back. A few movements do, plant trees, create nature sanctuaries; but it does not stem the tide of human arrogance to destroy Earth like it is a resource to just be 'consumed'.

Nature must be respected. For once in my life I want to feel like I belong to this Earth, and not just some parasite drinking its life blood for selfish, personal gain.


I subscribe to many ideals of Neopaganism. While I will not claim to be a "member" of any religious group, I find myself connected to the movement of Neopagansim; an embrace of nature, divinity within the Earth and her natural world. As someone who has suffered emotional torment from conditions known as 'Gender Dysphoria'; the acceptance of a "Male" and "Female" deity, I find (perhaps ironcially) comforting. Perhaps it will lead me to understand that I grew from only a handful cells, chosen by nature to be male, and that will allow me to reach acceptance of that.

"Gender" is a social construct. It is what people in society expect you to do, to conform to, based on your Physical Sex. Neopagan movements are remarkably more acceptant of LGBTQ community than the monotheistic Abrahamic relgion. I find comfort in that.

I have tried to accept the ways of Christianity in the past, but so many principles of that religion conflict with my own, especially more orthodox views such as those on homosexuality, heaven and hell, and more human-derived issues of control (fear of God) that these Abrahamic religions often use to 'shepard their flock's.


Ashley. For once in your life, seek to be okay with what you are. Seek to be one with what you are, not what material objects you own or money in your pocket. You are part of something vastly bigger, something vastly more important: Nature.

We all are. I hope that one day we can return to a sense of equalibirium with the natural world, but I fear that we have descended too far to turn around now. I am, just one person, but I want to try and change.

For me, my escape is often in my imagination. That is my only outlet. I can create my own universes and stories where things are different. Perhaps this will have an effect on the future of the UAS, in my universe, when they return to Sol, to find the fate of Old Mother Earth.

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