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The Ultimate Tool. Disqus Edition. (Smells like WCCFTech).

Oh man, in this epic installment in the Tools Series, where I combat misinformation campaigns against Ryzen by people invested in Intel, either financially or emotionally (or both), I have for you today the Ultimate Tool.

I don't think I've encountered a Tool of this calibre before; well, except for maybe the guy on Discord known as "Gamer Dog" who was the author of the very famous (and very highly mocked) phrase:

Ryzen Sucks For Gaming. Playability Doesn't Matter.

Let's get started. Some background; this guy was claiming that AMD Ryzen CPUs (including Zen2) don't have the Single-threaded performance to achieve high Queue Depth 1 Random Read speeds on Optane SSDs, as one of the justifications for his i9-10900K + Optane SSD setup. I mean, this would be absolutely fair enough - if it wasn't Bullshit.

Okay, so at first I was like this guy could have a point - if he's doing something that relies heavily on QD1 performance (potentially professional). He provided this screenshot of Crystal Disk Mark for his Optane SSD, and the thing here is the QD1 random read performance of 301MB/s.

Now this is very good, my SN750 NVME, for example, achieves around 50 MB/s here. Optane is known for very good random performance, but concernin the AMD CPU limitation: to be sure I asked him to provide some evidence, to which he refused. He then asked that I buy an Optane SSD because I can't test his claims without one.... Except...

I just happened to have access to one of these. Which to me, seemed like a nice way to put that Q1 (1 Thread) claim to the test. And lo and behold, I beat his Optane by 30MB/s in single threaded queue depth 1 random reads. The optane result is good, of course, for a non volatile high capacity solution, but I feel my rebuttal proves that Ryzen can achieve this level of throughput because it is demonstrated here.

There could be other factors at play, such as I/O on the platform (PCI-E) for example, or potentially something to do with Intel and their optane drives (I wouldn't put it past them, you know what I mean).

Ultimately, he was spreading misinformation, but that's just the start. I went through his disqus profile and here we have conformation that this individual is heavily invested in Intel (financially and/or emotionally) and can't even provide a valid argument to back up his claims. I tried hard not to vomit in my mouth reading these (and this is not an exhaustive list).

Editor's note: Gamer Dog's lovely quote seems relevant here. I don't think I need to even type a rebuttal to his use of the world useless.

Ryzen Sucks For Gaming. Playability Doesn't Matter.

Or, you could check my YouTube channel for tons of gaming videos on Ryzen CPUs and see for yourself. But wait, Playability doesn't matter. Sorry I forgot. :(

And to top it off, I then realised what was wrong with this person.

That kind of explains everything.




For the record: RAMDisks are Software/driver limited for the most part. This isn't CPU-specific. I wonder if he will provide the 10900K result.

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