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Tools. 13/10/2020, "Extreme Edition"

Okay, so here we are. This time the Tools series gets the "Extreme Edition" because I basically got Eye Cancer reading these comments. Let's start by putting up the screenshots for the record. And yes, these come from the VideoCardz comment section with Disqus; and honestly it's getting as bad as WCCFTech.

First up we have this comment. As I always say, do I actually need to type a rebuttal to this? Because not only is it entirely objectively wrong (Zen3 is still better value than Intel's lineup even with the price increase), it's also in extremely bad taste given how much value, historically, Ryzen - and AMD - have brought to the tech industry. People disagree with this honestly, retarded, comment and it shows in the downvotes.

Do I even need to mention that Ryzen 5 2600 and 3600 still exist and are on sale? These people are insufferable with their hypocrisy it makes me sick to the core.


Here's a hilarious one, from a known troll/retard who does, I believe, have many alt-accounts on Disqus. Okay, so I won't comment on the value of the Console, because it's technically true but this isn't something exclusive to AMD's PC hardware. Secondly, no, Zen3 isn't "Outrageous" compared to Intel; it's somewhat better value than Intel - who might I add, are still selling the 6/12 10600K without a cooler on an inferior platform for the same price of 300 USD.

To address this final "point", and I use that term very loosely... Well, this made me throw up in my mouth a bit. After the value of Ryzen 1000, 2000 and 3000, the historically better perf/Price of Radeon GPUs, champions like RX 570 and Vega 56, to a less extent the 5700 series. AMD has enabled an age of cost effective, high-performance computing - including gaming - that we haven't seen in recent memory; especially after almost a decade of Intel's stagnation and profit maximisation at the expense of progress. So, no, I won't hold this against AMD to increase ASP on a genuinely superior product - I don't have to like it, But I'll be damned if you bring up the "morality" argument with AMD- especially when they compete in a market with the likes of Intel and Nvidia. Ryzen 2000 and 3000 are still readily available, tool.

Oh, and why did you feel the need to bring up the fact that Lisa Su is a woman? Oh yes, because this individual is a salty misogynist who can't accept that Dr. Lisa Su is probably the most successful tech CEO in recent history.

I laughed hysterically at this one for a bit, then realised this Tool was serious. Isn't this what we've been saying about Ryzen vs Intel for the last, you know, 3 years? *Insert arbitrary Percentage here*.

There you have it. Tools, Extreme Edition for 13/10/2020. And a special Nod to my friend Char, who knew all along that these Gamerfolk cretins were intellectually vacant; and indeed,. predicted this entire meltdown of hypocrisy that they would screech when the inevitability of Ryzen taking the last, arbitrary victory (Gaming) from Intel was finally realised.

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