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Tools: YouTube Edition 18-20-2020 (Updated 19-12-2020)

Updated: Dec 19, 2020

Another special edition of the Tools Series! This time, it's from YouTube. Essentially, the premise is the same as the Disqus Tools series, but the platform is different. This edition features a YouTube channel called "ARM-POWER" (if that wasn't already a big enough give away) preaching about how funny things like how AMD will go bankrupt before they match M1's Firestorm IPC, insulting people that know more about CPUs and the industry than they do (Dr. Lisa Su) (Yes the latter point is obvious when you read their comments). And of course, the standard "X86 is doomed" rhetoric that you often hear when a company makes a powerful (usually wide) ARM-based CPU core with higher observed performance per clock than many X86 desktop designs.

Of course, after discussion with people who genuinely know quite a great deal about CPU architectures, you'll notice that this person's long and at-first-seemingly-technical argument rarely holds up to scrutiny.

As with the Tools series, I'll just post screencaps and you can be the judge yourself. Click on the items to enlarge them.


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