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Userbenchmark is untrustworthy... to an extreme level.

Updated: Apr 3, 2021

I am forcing myself to post this despite my lack of concentration right now, because it is important I get this out.

Is so blatantly bias: not just subjective interpretational bias, but actual, by-definition lies and fabricated information aimed to damage the brand image of AMD's Ryzen processors. I in fact, I am surprised AMD hasn't sought legal action regarding this.

There is evidence of bots on their comment sections posting defamatory comments in reply to positive comments regarding AMD Ryzen CPUs.


These are not my comments, but my legitimate praise of the 5950X CPU was removed and only the negative ones as above remained. So I decided to post something a bit more... caustic. Because I am an angry individual.

Further evidence suggests deliberate tampering with user votes to create overwhelming and false 'negative sentiment' of AMD Ryzen CPUs.

One simply has to google 'Userbenchmark bias' to review the overwhelming evidence themselves.

The lack of integrity shown by the website's administration is shocking.

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