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(Supercapital) HMSS Prometheus

The Prometheus is a flying Refinery on a scale that was only dreamed of when Ark Royal was built.


HMSS Prometheus, in spite of carrying a military moniker, is technically a Civilian vessel. Armed with only minor point defense turrets and the typical anti-debris laser array: This is not a combat vessel.

Instead the Prometheus is a flying Refinery on a scale that was only dreamed of when [[Ark Royal]] was built. 

Designed to help assemble, or reassemble, entire fleets from scratch: The Prometheus carries a small fleet of resourcing vessels within her, often posting up in dense asteroid fields to rapidly render down raw materials into usable compounds and allows; This vessel is often the main backbone of any construction project, moving from system to system to help with Constructions of Orbital Facilites, Interstitual Gates or Low-Solar Powerplants.

The HMSS Poseidon is technically a Cousin ship to this, as both share similar internals, Powerplants and Drives; the difference being that where the Poseidon is built as a Front line Combat Supercarrier, the Poseidon is a rear-formation Resourcing and Construction yard. 

Due to this; the Prometheus is also one of the few vessels capable of single-handedly maintain an Interstitual Drive Standing Gate, allowing for rapid transit of herself and her support fleet from system to system outside of conventional Interstitual travel or standard Interstitual Gates.

If pressed into Combat; she carries enough military trained personell to build and deploy a small fleet in short order, preventing any pirates or would-be opposition from inhibiting her operations for long.

Both Prometheus and HMSS Poseidon also hold Peacekeeper hubs abord, giving her extreme AI capabilities in micro-management, resource allocation and fleet control, crucial when building and mataining systems, settlements and fleets, as the Prometheus is designed to.

(//Codex Entry Author: Alex Lee)

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