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Subsystem database
||Database of various Starship Subsystems.

(ATIS) AIN IM115 A-type Dual-linked Ion Maser Particle Accelerator Cannon (IMPAC) Turret

A heavy turreted weapon system designed for A-type hardpoints on standardised Aquarian starship designs. The IM115 is essentially an upgraded/improved 'IM2' weapon converted from New-Federal to Imperial Service. It is the standard A-type weapon system used on almost all Imperial Navy capital ships.

(ATIS) AIN IM353 A+ type dual, dual-linked IMPAC Artillery Turret

The largest and most powerful turreted weapon system currently in use by the Aquarian Imperial Navy. The IM353 utilises the massive A+type hardpoint specifically designed for use on the AIN's RT-class Dreadnought. The twin, dual-linked IMPAC batteries are comparable in destructive potential to the main axial armament on SP-class Pattern-1 Destroyers.

(ATIS) SI402-C1 'Barricade' Self-Contained Shield Modulator

Modular Subsystem designed for interchangeability on a wide variety of Imperial Navy starship designs. The SI402-C1, (Shield, Imperial, Year 4402), also known by its code-name 'Barricade' is a first-generation, fully self-contained, modular Capital-class Starship Shield Modulator.

(ATIS) SI410-C2 'Fortress' Self-Contained Shield Modulator

Upgraded Self-contained capital ship shield modulator based on the reliable SI402-C1 'Barricade' design. 'Fortress' units incorporate a multitude of enhancements to the internal field dispersion system and uses a re-distributed Polarytic Catalyst Radiator to allow for additional array-links for larger shield banks, along with a vastly improved individual SU output at similar power levels and only slightly increased mass compared to the C1 variant. The only drawback is increased cost of manufacturing.

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