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(RP Animation) Reborn, the Price of Freedom, 4495 A.D (Ep1-3)

Updated: Oct 9, 2022

This series is set in the early years of the Compliance Era after the end of the Aquarian Civil War and the established domination of the Aquarian Terran Imperial States. With Aquarius firmly under ATIS control, the leadership sets up a meeting with an old acquaintance from a bygone era.

OneDrive links are below. You can view (stream) them or download them to watch. Relevant links to featured or related entries in the Eridonia Archives are at the bottom of the page.


Episode 1 >>

Episode 2 >>

Episode 2 to 3 Interlude >>

Episode 3 >>

Episode 3, Part 2 >>


Relevant Archives Links:

People & Individuals

The Director >>

Ronin Kociero >>

Amiori Kociero >>

CoRE >>



Eridonia Free Peoples' Fleet >>

Starships & Stations

Pathfinder >>

RE-II-class Battlecruiser >>

SP/2-class Destroyer >>

RV-class Cruiser >>

DF430 Dragonfly Deep Space Fighter >>

Arctic-class Naval Platform >>

Star Systems

Angel A20 >>

This series is a work in progress and may be updated on this post in the future.

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