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(RP) Amiori Kociero

A child that was never meant to be. Fate had cursed her father's lineage to stop, but fate alone was not enough to overcome the will of one man, Ronin Kociero. The child was born, healthy and kicking as any human child would be. She would cry and scream, laugh and smile just like a normal human baby. Her circumstances couldn't be further from the norm, but it didn't matter. Not to her father, and not to her. Her father's synthetic brother, CoRE, would document her birth within the Pathfinder's medical facilities.

Amiori's young life was spent in almost isolation. Her father, being nomadic in nature, never trusted any fixed location for the raising of his daughter, even while he and the Pathfinder were deployed. Instead, he trusted in his long-term friend and fellow Semper, Vai Kasake, in looking after the child in times of turmoil; especially leading up to the Radacri Wars of at the dawn of the 5th millennium.

Fate itself would make many attempts to prevent the Kociero lineage from continuance, nevertheless, she persisted. Amiori Kociero followed in her father's footsteps, joining the Old Federal Navy at the age of 18. She had longed to pilot strikecraft and serve alongside her father. When the Radacri Wars finally ended in 4040 A.D, bringing an end to the Old Federal Era and with it, the greatest human civilisation Aquarius had ever seen, Amiori faced the prospect that her father had been violently taken from her, and, isolated from her 'Uncle' Kasake, was forced to fend for herself during the troubled intergovernmental period as Aquarius slowly rebuilt and transitioned to the New Federal Era.

In spite of her father's disappearance, she remained true to the Aquarian spirit and joined the ranks of the Terran Loyalist Alliance, quickly becoming a respected captain in its fleet, fighting to liberate the Core Systems from the atrocities of the Tigersharks Cartel that moved in from the Angel Nebula as the old UTN fell apart.

When the Terran Loyalist Alliance sowed the seeds for the continuation of the Aquarian state, forming the United Aquarian Systems in 4299 A.D, Amiori found new purpose. She quickly transitioned from a captain in the TLA Fleet to a Rear Admiral in the United Aquarian Systems Federal Navy, and served a relatively long and successful career during the New Federal Era.

When her father reappeared aboard the Pathfinder sometime in the New Federal Era, Amiori was quick to make contact and discover his fate. He seemed a changed man, gone were the old principles of Freedom and Liberty under the Aquarian flag, instead, he seemed darker, more pessimistic. It wouldn't be long before Ronin Kociero was outlawed by the UAS Government and considered a terrorist. Amiori never knew why her father was outlawed, she never had access to the case files and most, if not all, of the official information of his existence was erased from standard channels. Her father disappeared again, this time, without even so much as a communication to his daughter stating why, or where he was going.

She knew, deep down, something wasn't right. She knew her father wasn't a criminal, but her duty to Aquarius had to come first, especially in this time of fragility as the human civilisation rebuilt the Core Worlds. Over time, she began to resent him for leaving her again, without even saying goodbye. She had slowly witnessed the decay of the very principles her father stood for in Aquarius, but by the dawn of the Imperial Era in 4404 A.D, Amiroi, respected Imperial Navy admiral, had almost entirely pushed aside any thought of her father from who she was.

She would serve the Aquarian state, regardless of its form, and stay true to the Kociero lineage in doing just that. But, even when clear of mind, she always felt a lack of closure on her father's fate.

Amiori's life was all about purpose and duty. She had little time for anything else, spending most, if not all of her down time honing practical skills such as spacecraft piloting or maintenance. This attitude to life earned a lot of respect from her colleagues in the armed forces; even as an Admiral, she would be 'on the level' of the crew regarding practicality and teamwork.

During the early years of the Imperial Era, she began to feel more and more uneasiness about her past, about her birth. Who was her mother? Where was she born? Who was she? These were questions that she could not answer, or perhaps, only her father could. But he had disappeared once again, abandoning her and any chance of learning where she came from.

Ronin would re-appear during the Imperial Era, but he would find himself on the opposite side of history in a war brewing in his very home. Leading the Eridonia Free Peoples' Fleet, he would fight a conflict against the very forces his Daughter swore allegiance to. However, fate would once again intervene and try to close the Kociero lineage.

Despite her valiant service to the UAS and early Imperial Navies, suspicion began to arise over her father's link to the rebels in Aquarius, and eventually, she was stripped of her rank and an arrest warrant ordered.

Amiori had no choice but to flee to the outer systems to escape the Imperial Special Service on her trail. Though they managed to track her down, so did Vai Kasake. Learning of his fate, and that of her father, she managed to escape the station one step ahead of the Imperial Marines searching for her, and in her moment of need; her father, Ronin Kociero, returned to his daughter.

It was almost as if he had predicted the dawn of the Imperial Era, but had put Aquarius before his own daughter. She respected that, duty above all else, but deep down, she resented her father for abandoning her.

Ultimately, the rebellion would be defeated with the fall of Bastion and the Imperial States would rise to power, effectively sealing the fate of the cluster entirely. After the fall of the rebellion, Amiori was contacted by a voice from within the Imperial States, claiming to be the engimatic "Director" of the ATIS Council. The voice would convince her that her father's vision was misguided, and that its own vision, was the true salvation for Aquarius. That freedom was archaic and humanity could not be trusted with it.

Amiori would find herself at odds between two visions for humanity, one longing for freedom and democracy, one for order and stability above all else. Though she saw logic in both, resentment for her father for abandon her ultimately swayed her decision to accept the Director's offer and re-join the ranks of the Imperial Navy, as a special Admiral.

During this time, Ronin had started succumbing to a disease from his past, which would eventually result in the end of his life. However, fate once again saw fit to intervene; the enigmatic leader of the ATIS Council, known simply as The Director, sought to re-unite the Kociero family and convince them to once again fight for Aquarius, side by side, father and daughter... But under the Imperial Flag. Seeking out CoRE and the mysterious Pathfinder, now known as the "Lost Shadow", The Director offered to help CoRE cheat death and bring Ronin back to life... as a synthetic mind.

The Director would eventually convince CoRE, as he did of Amiori, that humanity needs a shepard, a guide. A leader, not freedom. That freedom was dangerous and survival dictates unity under the Imperial Flag. With Amiori and CoRE onboard, can the Director convince Ronin?


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